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This company offers suites that can be seamlessly integrated with any business. It empowers supply chains to work with more transparency & efficiency. The company's workflow tools allow freight to be priced, tracked, and billed with technology. The platform has highly managed and vetted transporters along with reputation systems to instill trust. The platform has managed to grow to tens of thousands of truckers and notable clients. The largest eCommerce platform which has been used by thousands of SME businesses.




August 2020 - September 2022

The Challenge

  • 01
    Supply chain challenge

    Using WhatsApp, Phone calls, and Excel to manage the various shipments.

  • 02
    Supply chain challenge

    There was no platform for the shippers to directly manage their warehouses and shipments, track their progress, etc. For everything, they had to contact the Admins to create the shipments and know their details.

  • 03
    Supply chain challenge

    There was no way to create shipments in bulk. This was resulting in delays in some priority shipments since someone has to manually create them one by one.

  • 04
    Supply chain challenge

    The shippers had to search for a transporter to take their shipments manually and there was no platform for them to directly connect them with the transporters.

  • 05
    Supply chain challenge

    Shippers had to always call the transporters or the brokers to know the latest status of shipment and there was no direct notification facility.


The Solution

Supply chain solution
Created a separate Shipper TMS platform that the shippers can use to:
  • Register themselves, and have different users with different access privileges.
  • Manage their warehouses, including bulk upload functionality.
  • Create single or bulk shipments directly by themselves.
  • Track their shipments.
  • Save fixed predetermined pricing models, which can later be used while creating shipments, instead of manually needing to add the price to each shipment.
Supply chain solution
Integrated this shipper TMS platform with the already existing Transporter TMS and Central Brokerage TMS platforms to properly sync the data between the platforms.
Supply chain solution
Shippers can choose to either assign their own set of transporters or post their shipments to the company's marketplace where multiple transporters will place a bid on them and finally a winner will be selected to take the shipment.
Supply chain solution
Shippers are properly notified throughout the shipment journey using in-app notifications, SMS, and emails.


  • Supply chain result

    Reduced the shipment creation time by allowing bulk upload and auto-filling of many fields from data already available on the Shipper TMS platform.

  • Supply chain result

    Reduced the time it takes for the shipper to find a suitable transporter.

  • Supply chain result

    Since the shippers can now directly create the shipments, so this in turn increased the no. of shipments per month created via the company's platforms.

  • Supply chain result

    Set up the base for the Shipper TMS platform which can later be converted into SaaS with monthly subscriptions for the shippers to use the platform.



  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Postgresql
  • Docker
  • Graphql
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