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Date & Time: 13th May, 2024 at 2:50pm
Venue: Golden Tulip Hotel Jaipur


The summit is designed to facilitate collaboration among organizations through in-depth conversations on shared interests. This Round Table Conference provides a platform for leaders to exchange insights and establish collaborative strategies to address challenges more efficiently. Its primary goal is to unite efforts and build enduring partnerships.

Conference table

Agenda of the conference

  • Exploring New Market Opportunities for Business Expansion.
  • Key Technological Trends Shaping the IT Landscape in 2024.
  • Streamlining HR Operations for Enhanced Efficiency.
  • Encouraging Internal Resource Sharing - Participate in personalized sessions with software industry peers to discuss and exchange resources for current or upcoming projects.

At Kreeti, we champion the power of visionary leaders coming together to tackle obstacles collectively. Drawing inspiration from the success of our previous CEO Meet, which fostered collaboration and created significant business prospects for all participants, we aim to cultivate a support and guidance among industry peers.

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