What is Ruby on Rails ?

open-source Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework.
mvc RoR closely follows the Model-View-Control (MVC) pattern.
less-code Allows for real-world applications to be developed in less code.
popular-business RoR is popular for business web applications.

Why Ruby on Rails ?

github-rails In GitHub ROR is one of the top programming language.
active-community The community is active and supportive.
evolves-ruby Ruby constantly evolves
startup-ror It really is great for startup and for internal tools…

Advantages Ruby on Rails

recommended-code Ruby has well-established code style recommendations
happy-developer Developer happiness
highest-paid ROR is one of the highest paid programing language.
ror-developers Supply & Demand

Kreeti expertise Ruby on Rails

kreeti-oldest Kreeti Technologies is oldest and biggest Ruby on Rails team.
total-work-experience Kreeti Technologies total work experience 20 years +
companies-india In India we are amongst first few companies who started working in ROR
clients-work We are providing ROR development service for more than 40+ clients since 2006.

What may learn in one day workshop ?

basics-ruby In one day workshop you can learn basics of Ruby.
create-application How to Create application using Rails.
configuration Rails and its configuration.
ruby-uses How Rails use Ruby
certificate-icon Certificate provided by Kreeti Technologies to all the participants.
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