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held on 13th September, 2020 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM

About the Webinar

Lead the race by IT transformation

This webinar was particularly designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of transforming your mainstream business into a true blue digital business. It would also strengthen your understanding about the evolution across various horizons of technology and how it does dovetail well with a digital organisation. Learn about new nuances, verticalized expertise and new age technologies.

Key Points of Discussion

  • How IT has transformed our life & business?
  • Application of IT solutions to businesses and their advantages
  • How to unleash your business's true potential by using IT solutions?
  • Which types of IT solutions are better suited for you?

Honourable Speakers

Pradeep Goyal Pradeep Goyal Founder, Chairman & Managing Director Pradeep Metals Limited
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Saptrishi Basu Saptrishi Basu Management Consultant  
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Prabhash Chowdhury Prabhash Chowdhury Co-founder and CEO ITOBUZ
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Manish Sahu Manish Sahu COO Kreeti Technologies
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