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We believe that Mathematics should be the priority subject that could help every school student attain a chance to be gainfully employed. Through Mathematics children learn the ability to logical reasoning and problem solving. It is easy for the children to learn basic Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry if presented in a systematic fashion. Unfortunately lack of good teachers in Mathematics affects the motivation of children, and many drop out of schools at an early age. There is also a gender descrimination that is prevalent, where the girl students feel that Mathematics is not suitable for them.

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Connect donor to projects

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi
Too often in life, we wait around for someone else to bring the changes we want to see. We doubt our own ability and become paralyzed to inaction. You may wish to do more, but circumstances does not allow you to leave your work and family and directly support a cause like working to improve education of a poor village school in Asia or Africa.
Transforming the life of millions of school going children, by improving their basic education in Mathematics and other subjects using Khan Academy lessons has been proven in many schools. The effort of Kreeti Foundation as a not for profit organization is to give you the chance to link up with our projects and sponsor a school of your choice. We will constantly update you on each projects and enable you to see how KreetiLab and Khan Academy is changing the life of many children.

Connect the volunteer to projects

Government primary schools which need support from Kreeti Foundation are scattered over many villages and small towns. We have adopted a few schools in our projects and each are supported by volunteers from nearby areas. We identify volunteers near each of our projects and provide training for them so they could provide support to present Khan Academy lessons as well as Computing lessons. Kreeti Foundation requests donor support for projects, and arrange a remuneration for each volunteer and project. To support more projects we have started a training program for Class XII passed unemployed young persons, so that they could provide additional off school learning support for Mathematics.

Technical support

Handling a standard PC as the platform for Khan Academy lessons is troublesome and could fail often due high failure rate of Rotating Hard Disk and Motherboard. The KreetiLab is a reliable and simple Embedded System, that uses a simple 5V power supply and MicroSD Card for data storage. The display uses standard LED TV/Panel. The Khan Academy lessons are stored in the Micro SD Card.

Kreeti Foundation provides support to schools so that the staff and volunteers who use this platform, could have a high availability system for the school. We have trained the staff to quickly identify the problem as that of a replaceable component like power supply, keyboard, mouse or micro sd card etc. We also provide support through the web site for OS and Computing presentations.

Volunteer training

Kreeti Foundation provides training to graduates on the use of KreetiLab and Khan Academy lessons. With the use of Tablets we trained the volunteers on Khan Academy lessons in a short period of one month. This has helped us to match the requirement for each school and class based on the requirement of the school. The volunteers then schedule the presentations for each topic within a subject in consultation with Mathematics teachers of the school. Kreeti Foundation assists the volunteers to organize standard tests as available from Khan Academy as well as additional tests to ramp up the knowledge of the students. Meet Our Volunteers.

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