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Shree Subhash Shiksha Sadan

292/1, Block- B, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata- 700055

This is a small Hindi medium Government primary school at Bangur Avenue. There are three teachers and three small classrooms. Students are very poor in Mathematics and English. Students of class III & IV, couldn’t read any sentence from their English text book and couldn’t do Mathematics questions with a reasonable accuracy. Our volunteers teach them Mathematics from Khan Academy’s lessons and help them to read from the English text book. We are trying to improve the quality of education in this school, make them more disciplined and encourage them to learn English and Mathematics. Everyday, our volunteers visit the school in the morning at 7.30 am and teach them up to 10.30 am. For students who are very weak in Mathematics, we have arranged special coaching classes in the evening with their parental consent.


Bangur Avenue High School (Primary Section)

81, Bangur Avenue, Block- ‘B’, Kolkata- 700055

This is the Primary section of Bangur Avenue High School. It’s a Govt. primary Bengali school at Bangur Avenue. This school’s students are very well disciplined. Our volunteers teach them in the morning from 9 am to 10.30 am. We show Khan Academy’s mathematics lessons and Nursery Rhymes through a Computer and TV. Here, we are using 23” LED TV & Cubie Computer System to teach the students. All students are very keen to listen to the rhymes. We also have a desktop system available here. Our volunteers also teach them computer applications like Paint, Microsoft Word and Internet using the desktop system. Some school teachers are very keen to learn about computer. Sometimes, we also give computer training to the school teachers.

Bangur Avenue High School for Girls

81, Bangur Avenue, Block- ‘B’, Kolkata- 700055

This is the only Bengali medium Government Girls high school at Bangur Avenue. Our volunteer teach mathematics to the students of Class V and Class VI. Our volunteer take classes 3 days a week from 2.10pm to 3.30pm. There are very few students in this school and they are very disciplined. Our volunteer shows Khan Academy’s lessons on TV and explain mathematics lessons including Geometry. We have introduced Geometry terms in English so that it could help them in senior classes. Here, we are using 23” LED TV & Cubie Computer System to teach the students. We had a positive feedback from the students of this school and they are keen to continue with the program.

Purbo Sinthi Place Primary School

65,Purbo Sinthi Road, Fokir Ghosh Dum, Dum, Kolkata- 700030

This is very small primary school at Dum Dum location. There are very few students. Our volunteer goes to this school 3 days a week to take classes. Here, we are using Khan Academy lessons to teach Mathematics and we also use Nursery Rhymes in English to give the children some familiarity with English language. Teachers are very cooperative. Here we are using a Radxa board with Android and a 23” LED TV to play the lessons and rhymes.


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