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We believe that Mathematics should be the priority subject that could help every school student attain a chance to be gainfully employed. Through Mathematics children learn the ability to logical reasoning and problem solving. It is easy for the children to learn basic Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry if presented in a systematic fashion. Unfortunately lack of good teachers in Mathematics affects the motivation of children, and many drop out of schools at an early age. There is also a gender descrimination that is prevalent, where the girl students feel that Mathematics is not suitable for them.
Schools in many countries have experimented with Khan Academy lessons and found that children like the presentation style of these video lessons, and have increased the attendaance in the schools and scoring higher marks in this subject. Use of Khan Academy lessons solves a major problem for the Government run primary schools. Today, we do not have well trained Mathematics teachers, and if we do not resolve this issue, the large number of students coming out of the village schools will not be suitable to find any employment.
Kreeti Foundation plans to support the primary schools in urgent need, by supporting them with a volunteer teacher and KreetiLab supported classroom presentation, that could present the various subjects as per best standards. The volunteer will present Mathematics and other science subjects in both local language and in English, thus achieving a larger goal of making the students communicate in English.
We hope to achieve the following NCERT visions on Mathematics using KreetiLab and Khan Academy lessons:

1. Children learn to enjoy mathematics.
2. Children learn important mathematics.
3. Mathematics is a part of children’s life experience which they talk about.
4. Children pose and solve meaningful problems.
5. Children use abstractions to perceive relationships and structure.
6. Children understand the basic structure of mathematics.

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