Why Ruby On Rails ?

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Ruby on Rails uses the DRY concept, reducing the repetition of information or code thus making the development process faster and cost-efficient.

Time Efficient

Time Efficient

Rail framework uses Metaprogramming techniques to write programs making it easy to extend and reducing manual effort in the long term.

Rapid Development

Rapid Development

Rails shun configuration files in favour of conventions, reflection, and dynamic runtime extensions.



Ruby on Rails makes it simple to modify the existing code or add new features to the site making it a perfect fit for startups and expanding businesses.

Why Us?

Why Us

We at Kreeti, as one of the first and top Ruby on Rails Development Company, transform extraordinary ideas into reality. We practice Agile Methodology and our knowledge and experience in RoR development go beyond the clean and error-free coding to include exceptional post-deployment maintenance and support. We harness the simplicity of Ruby on Rails to provide quicker and cost-efficient completion of complex application development, and business process automation and help promising businesses go the extra mile by becoming their Technology Partners.

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We Believe In

Delivering excellent application performance through our experienced team of Ruby on Rails developers

Our Strength

Our in-house team is selected from the top colleges across India. They are dedicated and well-trained as per industry standards. We work in Agile methodology and are well versed in front-line technologies like Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, Kotlin, ReactJs & React Native etc. At Kreeti, we offer a wide range of end-to-end Web Development services from highly scalable solutions to digital transformation and digitization. From our expert knowledge of niche technologies with over a decade of experience to next-level business solutions, which we tailor-make to suit your unique needs.

Our Strength

Our Services We do all this and much more


UI / UX designs

First impression matters, so let’s make it last


Custom Rails Web Development

We have solutions that are right for you.


Hire ROR developer / Experienced ROR developers for Hire

Choosing the right team is half the work, the other half is done by that team


DevOps services

Cross-functional collaboration not only reduce complexity but also improve mean time to recovery

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