Client & Product Overview

Mandala Trading Pty Ltd. is an Australian organization for international trading of food grains, oil seeds etc. are imported and exported from/to various countries across the globe like Canada, Ukraine, Australia ,India, Srilanka etc.


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February 2020 - Present

The Challenge

Mandala trading was established in the year 2015 with a vision to be a preferred supplier in the grain industry.
But in reality the client was dealing inescapable problems with the Manual excel-based Supply Chain Management System. Many of the prominent issues that come up regarding that system are listed below:

  • 01


    Missing of well-organized and betterment of their growing business transactions due to manual data entry and data redundancy using Excel sheets and emails.

  • 02


    Missing of effective content management system for huge documents related to Import/Export process.

  • 03


    Missing of centralized process and workflow management as per hierarchy for their globally distributed business.

All the above issues contributed to a vicious cycle of unmanageable day to day operations and customer loyalty.


The Solution

We have built a cloud- based, highly-secure central repository system which can be accessed globally by different business units which can handle thousands of transactions every second.
We followed a modular approach to accumulate all business verticals like Sales, Purchase, Shipping Booking, Shipping Instructions, Account Payable, Account Receivable, etc.
In our modular implementation, all vertical are interconnected to make smooth transition of data and information as per business requirement.
We make sure that adopting new changes in the business logic does not make any impact on their current day to day business.
Automated pdf generation for invoice, business contract and payment terms developed for storing and managing legal agreements (such as contracts, leases and licensing agreements) with Mandala respective vendors. Automated Contract feature used to streamline admin tasks, reduce a business overheads and provide a single, unified view of each contract.The E-signature process was built for easy approving/rejecting the contracts.
We ensure continuous and secure information flow throughout the various hierarchical levels of business users by implementing authorisation and authentication at different levels.


Kreeti Technologies’s comprehensive solution not only helped Mandala to establish a scaled and automated Import/Export Business process for their grain industry, but also guaranteed operational cost savings, customer satisfactions and business profitability.
Some of the estimated benefits include:

  • Replacement of Manual Processes

    Complete replacement of their existing manual processes with 100% data accuracy and validations.

  • Centralised Cloud-based System

    100% transparent and auditable centralised cloud-based system by higher management.

  • Improved Efficiency

    50% improvement in the efficiency of the total system as zero manual documentation is required to support, run or maintain their end to end business flow.

  • Enhanced Decision Making

    Enhanced decision making by figuring out exactly how much inventory Client needs to have on-hand. This also helps in preventing product shortages and also decreases the dead stock by 75%

  • Faster Business Process Cycle

    Zero processing delay for globally distributed timezones hence more than 30% faster business process cycle.

  • Serving different Geographical Clients

    With improved efficiency & performance mandala able to serve clients from different geographic locations.



  • Ruby on Rails
  • Mysql
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Elastic Search
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