Industry always feel that capable workforce is not available and at the same time college feel the job market is shrinking. This is because beginners’ ability is not fulfilling the industry's expectation.

  • Saptarshi Basu
    • Saptarshi Basu (Management Trainer)
    • Previous Experiences: Ocean Education and Research Center Great Offshore Limited Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Deutschland)

Speaker Discussion Outlook

  • What are reasons for expectations and ability mismatch.
  • Effects of the mismatch.
  • Disaffection and demotivation
  • Productivity issues and statistics
  • Reason for the high productivity in different countries.
  • Case study on a country with low productivity rate rate – India
  • Case study on a country with high productivity rate – Japan.
  • Equation of the IQ+EQ+SQ
  • Individual behaviour Vs Universal Behaviour
  • Concept and life mentoring and almamerter guidance cell
  • Making students employable
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