HR Pain Points


  • Paromita Biswas

    “The main challenges that HR today is facing are sourcing of right talent, change management, compliance with laws and regulations, training and development”.

  • Tandra Dey
    MS. TANDRA DEY [ASSISTANT DIRECTOR] (Som Imaging Informatics Pvt. Ltd.)

    “The better the HR department works, the more invisible it is. decreasing loyalty and fickleness among the new generation employees is a significant contributor to attrition.”

  • Devika Dey
    MS. DEVIKA DEY [HR] (Elogix Software Pvt. Ltd.)

    “There is a huge unavailability of people having appropriate skillset.Another major issue is the non adherence of notice period by the selected candidates.”

  • Abhisek Gupta
    MR. Abhisek Gupta [HR MANAGER] (Nihilent Analytics Limited)

    “Cultural alignment plays a very important role in employees working for the same organisation but at different locations. Another challenge is the alignment of recruitment with the project pipeline.”

  • Anirban Poddar
    MR. Anirban Poddar [Ex-COO] (CodeClouds)

    “There is a huge gap between the existing talent and latest technology requirement. Organising seminars and hackathons in colleges and various offices could be one efficient way to unite the pool of resources available in the city as a whole.”


  • Abhishek Rungta
    Mr. Abhishek Rungta [CEO] (Indus Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

    “There should be better networking among professionals you need to look at friends, associates and other organisations. They will know your requirements and will be able to continuously connect you to the right people.”

  • Sunetra Bhattacharya
    Ms. Sunetra Bhattacharya [Sr.HR Manager] (Optimize IT Systems Pvt Ltd.)

    “Whatever requirements you have share it to people. Create buddy referral programmes. The HR plays an important role as the management only knows the demand. The HR knows the demand and supply.”

  • Saptarshi Basu
    Mr. Saptarshi Basu (Management -Trainer)

    “You get what you sow , if you start treating people like commodities they'll treat you like a market. If you keep hiring people and then lay them off when they're not needed like parts of a machine they will also have no attachment to your organization”.

  • Manish Sahu
    Mr. Manish Sahu [VP] (Kreeti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

    “The success of the company can be judged with 3 parameters , the first parameter is when people are eager to join, second when your location is known by your company and third when investors are happy to invest. As a HR it is our responsibility to make sure the company fulfilled the first parameters.”

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