• Mr.Abhishek Rungta
    Mr.Abhishek Rungta (CEO, Indus Net Technologies)

    “There is a mismatch of talent availability and company’s hiring which needs to be addressed.the problem should be assessed from dual point of view of the companies as well as the employees.keypoints that could be addressed are better engagement with college students, appropriate payscale, demolition of the hierarchical structure within companies which can be addressed to attract and retain new talent.”

  • Chaitali Basu Mukherji
    DR. Chaitali Basu Mukherji (DGM, mjunction services limited)

    “The qualities of an ideal employee are honesty,, understanding of instructions and materialising them.it also includes positive attitude, reliability and punctuality.the employee should have a clear direction of where they want to take their career so that the company can help them achieve it.this coupled with effective feedback and amethodical conflict solving situation makes an ideal employee that a company looks for.”

  • prabir kumar aditya
    MR. Prabir Kumar Aditya (CEO, Spring & River)

    Our next speaker spoke on the crucial topic of what is the employees expectations From management. He touched base with key factors an employee considers when choosing a company. He put stress on the fact that the more we go down to the fresher employees the oxygen is higher.

    MR. MANISH SAHU (VP, Kreeti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

    “Our last speaker Mr Manish Sahu spoke on the very pivoting and far reaching topic of How the HR needs to strike a balance between management and employees. He put across the woes of widely stereotyped HR department and humored the crowd with very apt video depictions of HR as perceived by others. He equated the HR as the spine of the company without which the company might survive but never thrive.”

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