HR Innovation & Implementation


  • Paromita Biswas

    “cost effectiveness is one of the key factors when it comes to imbibing latest technologies induction and orientation should be carried out in a more catchy and detailed process with videos and chat sessions.”

  • Tandra Dey
    MS. TANDRA DEY [ASSISTANT DIRECTOR] (Som Imaging Informatics Pvt. Ltd.)

    “inculcating a culture of social responsibility and seeking new technologies are crucial to innovation.programmatic advertising can be used to achieve automated and targeted placement of job advertisement.”

  • Devika Dey
    MS. DEVIKA DEY [HR] (Elogix Software Pvt. Ltd.)

    “Technologies that give honest feedback, training programs to upscale the employees, indulging in cultural innovation can be done by the hr making the employees feel that the organisation is their home that they look forward to going to office are some ways of achieve innovation.”

  • Abhisek Gupta
    MR. Abhisek Gupta [HR MANAGER] (Nihilent Analytics Limited)

    “Introduction of robotics , artificial intelligence and analytics will increase the engagement of hr with technology.technologies like design lab thinking where facial impression and body language are monitored should be introduced.”

  • Anirban Poddar
    MR. Anirban Poddar [Ex-COO] (CodeClouds)

    “Inhouse training should be supervised and the scores of individual employees should be kept track of . There should be set a benchmark for a collective average score by the company and it should be analysed on how to improve scores.”


    MR. PRABIR KUMAR ADITYA [CEO] (Spring & river)

    “Team building practices can be instilled with very simple yet innovative practices at the HR level . One such practice is the donation off leaves to fellow colleagues.It will lead to employees feeling cared for and instill a sense of belonging to the organisation.”

    MS. DEBJANI GUPTA [Associate VP HR] (NRI Fintech India Pvt Ltd.)

    As technology progresses at bionic speeds the HR department needs to keep pace. Utilisation of Artificial Intelligence to make data informed recommendations machine learning to help in the screening process will lead to a decrease in errors .

  • Saptarshi Basu
    Mr. Saptarshi Basu (Management -Trainer)

    “The innovation in the HR department should start with inoculating the culture of the organisation with motivation . the employees should be instilled with a sense of devotion and belonging towards the organisation . the screening process for the employees should be rigorous . Conducting psychometric tests could really aid in this.”

    MR. PARTHA PRATIM SARKAR [Academic Relationship Manager] (TCS)

    “Unique and innovative practices should be implemented within the organisation. This will make the employee feel proud of the organisation and its work culture. This in turn will contribute to their productivity.”

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