• Mr.Abhishek Rungta
    Mr. Abhishek Rungta CEO (Indus Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

    When we talk about emerging technology web 3 Is a big opportunity for all of us. There is a huge opportunity and a lot of work is going to come our way. Because whatever has been done in web 2.0 eventually will be converted to 3.0. As the world moves towards that, it's not going to happen overnight but in the coming decades, there's a huge opportunity over the next 1 decade to be an expert in that segment. There is a huge opportunity in analytics, which poses a massive opportunity there. New opportunities are emerging every day. I also see companies are coming into the metaverse creating AR/VR immersive experiences. So fundamental shifts that are happening on one side that is about the interface and slowly moving towards AR VR augmented and mixed reality.

  • Mr.Prabhas Choudhary
    Mr. Prabhas Choudhary CEO (Itobuz Pvt. Ltd.)

    One of the areas that we recently worked on and holds a lot of potential is electronic vehicle charging (EVC). There's a protocol called OCPP which is being implemented in India. What we have seen is there's a need for a slightly modified version to work with Indian connectivity and the Indian network. We have seen a lot of initiatives being taken towards the better sectors like Bangalore etc. These are all govt partnered initiatives. Working over this Over the past we could understand that there is a need to introduce these initiatives in untouched markets like Kolkata.

  • Mr.Pratip Biswas
    Mr. Pratip Biswas CEO (Unified Infotech)

    Specialization is good but before that, it's more important to first produce quality jobs where you can command your price. Then only you should go for specialisation. Quality will give you the power to command your price, and that's very important to come out of this vicious cycle. Otherwise, the earnings will be meagre and the cost will go up. That does not make any business sense.

  • Mr.Pradip Chanda
    Mr. Pradip Chanda CEO (Elogix Software Pvt. Ltd.)

    The current problem I'm forcing is resources, currently, the normal software development is saturated. Mostly maintenance goes on but there's nothing new. There is work in current emerging technologies IoT interfacing and integration, analytics and machine learning. In Kolkata, we are facing the availability issue of manpower due to fewer people and a tendency to stick to more traditional work roles. Each one of us has different resources on certain skill sets and specialisations. If we can network and come to a common platform where we can share our ideas, requirements as well as business, that would be more fruitful for Kolkata as a whole.

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