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There will be no charges, neither for the company nor for the professionals participating in the event.

Kalpavriksha 2.0

One streamlined and transparent hiring process to bridge the gap between champion tech enthusiasts and visionary companies.

Purpose of the Event

In Today's rapidly changing world, the business environment requires professionals who believe in innovation and excellence. At the same time the professionals are looking for companies who have the vision and direction to disrupt the traditional ways of hiring and pave a path towards a better future.
Through Kalpavriksha we are trying to accomplish this vision , which makes the process of companies discovering the diamonds they search for far and wide easier.

This event is for React JS/ React Native/ Angular/MEAN/ MERN /Node JS developers with 2+ years of experience.

Advantages to companies

Adavantages Company
  • The event being conducted is very transparent and allows all companies to view the offers and packages received by each candidate from separate companies.
  • In a world where time is money , Kalpavriksha will help companies to work in a cost effective manner and at the same time conduct a well rounded and versatile interview as the panelists from 4 different companies will be bringing their diverse experiences. This will also help the companies get the best candidates faster than usual.

    For instance, for conducting an interview of 200 candidates internally by a company with the help of 3 panelists, they would need to invest 300 hours assuming the interview lasts for half an hour. Whereas in Kalpavriksh they would only be investing 30 hours for the same output as only one panelist would be from their end .

  • The data of the candidates who remain unhired in Kalpavriksh will be shared with all the participating companies post-event.
Upto three representatives from each company can participate in the auction without any charges for the complete program.

Advantages To Professionals

  • One streamlined hiring process allows you access to multiple companies who know your true worth.
  • By clearing one assessment process you get an opportunity to be hired by 10 companies at one avenue.
  • Do what you love for companies who truly value you.
  • Get the CTC you deserve by letting your talent speak for you.
Adavantages Professionals

How is the base price be decided?

auction category
  • A minimum bid price will be decided for the candidates according to their ranks in the overall selection process.
  • In case the candidate's minimum bid price is less than their current CTC, the candidate will be considered only after their consent.
    • Category A - Top 20% - will have base price at 10 Lakhs
    • Category B - Next 10% - will have base price 9 lakhs
    • Category C - Next 10% - will have base price 8 lakhs
    • Category D - Next 10% - will have base price 7 lakhs
    • Category E - Next 10% - will have base price 6 lakhs
    • Category F - Next 10% - will have base price 5 lakhs
    • Category J - Remaining - will have base price 4 lakhs

    Bidding increments

    • will be of 5 k for base price below 5 lakh
    • will be of 10 k for base price above 5 lakh
    • will be of 20 k for base price 10 lakh

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